Baseball Glove & Baseball Gear


The Different Types of Baseball Gloves

There are many different kinds of baseball gloves on the market.  Each glove varies in price, style, design, size, and the position they are used for.  There are also many different brands that manufacture baseball gloves and baseball gear.  Each one has its own benefits and each one is different.  If you are interested in baseball gloves, you should learn about these differences.

Before learning about the different brands of baseball gloves, you should first learn of the different kinds of baseball gloves for the different baseball positions played.  These are:  pitcher baseball gloves, catcher baseball gloves, infielder baseball gloves, outfielder baseball gloves, and first baseman baseball gloves.  Each position requires a different size and style of a baseball glove.

Next, there are 8 main brands that manufacture base ball gloves.  These include brands that professional baseball players use.  These brands are:  Rawlings, Easton, Akadema, TPX, SSK, Wilson, Nike, and Mizuno.  All of these brands are top quality baseball gloves that come in a variety of colors and styles.  There are other brands of baseball gloves.  But these 8 brands are deemed as the best baseball gloves available.

Baseball gloves are made for either left handed baseball players or right handed baseball player.  They also come in sizes for children and adults.  These sizes range from 10 inch baseball gloves to 14 inch baseball gloves.  Colors range from:  light tan, light brown, brown, dark brown, charcoal, and black.  Most baseball gloves are made from cowhide or buffalo hide.  These gloves are fitted for baseball players of each baseball position.

Baseball gloves vary in price depending on which brand you buy.  You can get a cheap baseball glove for as little as $20.  But do not count on this baseball glove to last you very long because the quality is probably very poor.  For a quality baseball glove that will last you quite a while, you should choose a glove made by one of the top 8 brands listed above.  These baseball gloves range in price from $69.99 to $399.99. 

You can sometimes get these top of the line baseball gloves at a cheaper price.  Pay attention to sales at your local baseball gear retailers.  You can often find these top 8 brands available at a much cheaper price once the baseball season has ended.  Then you can have a great new baseball glove for next year's baseball season.

These are all of the differences in baseball gloves.  You can now utilize this information to help you select which baseball gloves suit you best.  With so many different brands and styles, it will be a difficult choice.  Have a little patience and you are sure to make the right decision.